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Hi, I’m Deborah Arneson. Welcome to Plan-it Lean!

Wellness is really hip these days. Everyone wants to get lean, be fit and nourish our whole selves into star- spangled bliss, right? Abso-darn-lutely! And the best news is that his is possible for everyone- including YOU!

Wellness has been my passion for nearly 30 years.

So what is “wellness” beyond being one of today’s hottest buzzwords? Well, the dictionary tells us that wellness is, “the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health.”

I love this simple definition because it acknowledges the importance of both the body AND the mind in achieving optimal health. It’s not all about the gym, nor is it all about meditation. It’s about wholeness, moving your body, eating nutritiously, and feeding your mind and your spirit so that you not only look great, you feel AWESOME!

Some folks espouse that wellness means you must have six-pack abs, be a size 4 or drink a glass of green juice everyday (although there’s certainly nothing wrong with these either).

Let’s get clear: Your health encompasses the whole you, not just your dress size.

My passions for holistic health is endless and I have helped thousands of people over more than two decades reach their personal goals to feel incredible, have boundless stable energy and look LEAN!

Whether working one-on-one with clients as a nutrition coach, writing a book about fat loss, educating doctors about hormone balancing or hosting seminars on the importance of pooping, I am a wellness whole body advocate committed to revitalizing your life!

That’s right, YOU can be lean, healthy and full of energy, starting today.

How do I help you identify and accomplish your goals? I love this question! You are a one-of-a-kind soul while another cookie-cutter diet program is only going to add to your stress, frustration and feeling of failure.

During my 20+ years in private practice, I have developed a functional body systems analysis that helps identify your specific challenges relating to the functionality of organs such as your liver or your adrenals. This pinpoints where your problems start such as excessive weight, sleep issues, constipation, sinus issues, hair loss, skin conditions — to capture an in- depth understanding of where your issues originate and why you feel less than great!

We also survey your stress and anxiety levels, current health conditions and medications, diet and sleep patterns to create a clear picture of your circumstances. When all of these elements are viewed together, patterns emerge that begin to point to critical needs which target nutritional  deficiencies that can impact proper digestion and metabolism, keeping you feeling heavy, lethargic and dull.

The next step: a personalized roadmap to wellness created JUST FOR YOU!

Solid specific data on your current lifestyle and the challenges you are facing is pivotal to your success. That is why I have created and refined these analysis tools and made them super easy to use.

Dazzling health and a vibrant life have always been my goals. As a young girl I watched my mom constantly diet! Hence, she either slept nonstop or went into a frenzy cleaning and cooking mode.  Never knowing what to expect, I observed a lot! Looking back I know two things: Her hormones were a mess – 4 kids, 4 marriages, 3 divorces, 5 moves… dieting made her wacky doodle, with every 10-20 pounds of weight loss her personality changed considerably.

Then, at the tender age of 13 I was diagnosed with a “soft” form of epilepsy- given anti-seizure medication that put me to sleep everyday by 1pm. I saw my cheerleading “career” and GPA slip sliding away.  I took myself off the drugs- grabbed my life back- and bumped into an amazing Psychology teacher my senior year and discovered what I repeatedly experienced were “anxiety” attacks. Looking back again, I am clear I had low thyroid function (I was skinny, never liked food  and never stopped moving) and, I had started my period with persisting heavy bleeding for 7 to 8 days every 18 or 19 days monthly.  I was sleeping 10-12 hours a night! Anemic I was!

Fast forward to my 20s. Moved to Chicago- single mom- figuring things out- modeling, working 2 jobs- trying to have a love life and still pooped and bleeding a lot non stop! Then, 6 major surgeries, 2 ectopic pregnancies- 4 D and Cs, a partial hysterectomy, stress up the wazoo!

At 36 years old I left the gyne’s office balling my eyes out as they told me I needed a full hysterectomy. No way! I found a doctor to surgically remove my fibroids and numerous chocolate cysts (I was still hyper estrogen) talked her into leaving a couple mm of my left ovary (tried to delay the onset of full blown surgical menopause). Had a few gynie free years then segued into menopause at the way too young age of 42!

I discovered Saliva Hormone Testing and found my hormones to be all over the place! Adrenal exhaustion, single mom, life in the fast lane and too many surgeries and anesthesia. So, I began the task of learning how to rebalance my hormonal feedback loop, recalibrate hormone imbalances and nourish the endocrine system.

At 42 years good ol’ Menopause brought belly fat! Never in my life did I have belly fat. My body became a runaway train!

Delved into meno/mental pause- how to regulate stress hormones-gained 15 pounds— OMG this was my business- better figure out this menopause stuff out! So I did! I am now currently back on track and holding close to my college weight.

I consider all of these challenges my back door gift. Without these hiccups I would never have grown, learned, explored, and  asked endless questions. All to the benefit of  helping others, especially women, who walk through the sometimes confusing maze called life!

I studied hard utilizing my degrees in Food Science and Biochemistry to learn about the body’s complexity of interdependent systems and it’s staggering ability to regenerate. Delving into the mental and emotional aspects of health, I immersed myself in a Masters program in human Psychology and Counseling Studies.

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